Ways to Motivate your Team

Surprising Ways to Motivate & Get The Most Out Of Your Team

Are you trying to inspire and motivate your team?

These are two leadership responsibilities that often never get the attention that they deserve.

Motivating a team is a continuous challenge and a key priority for those that wish to become world-class leaders.

If you are wondering about how you can achieve better motivation as well as inspire members of your team to be their best.

Here are some places you can consider starting.

1.   Setting Clear and Measurable Goals

Working towards a goal can be quite de-motivating since it is usually far off and unachievable at the present.

Teams should have several smaller and easily reachable goals that can be met on the way to achieving the end goal.

It is the leader’s job to ensure that the mission is clear for all the players and turn that mission into specific, measurable incremental goals that can be reached both independently as well as together.

Brisbane Lion’s coach Chris Fagan is a big believer in celebrating little wins.

2.   Create the Right Conditions

It is on the training pitch where motivation usually starts.

When a player arrives for a training session, they should feel a surge of impetus hitting them from the get-go.

You can rouse that emotion in players through the creation of a positive environment both in and around the training facilities.

Creating an enjoyable relationship is vital in a team environment. “You should make players aware that you are not simply the coach but also a friend with a shared passion for sport. It’ll bring you closer to your team and get better performances and less mistakes or injuries from your players.”

3.   Use Competitive Aspects

Everyone experiences similar emotions when playing sport, and the will to win is usually the most pressing.

Competition is a key aspect to motivating yourself to succeed and your team isn’t an exception.

Nothing is wrong with inflaming the innate competition is sportsmen and sportswomen.

It is what fuels the necessity for fun and helps in motivating the team to constantly and consistently improve thus becoming better than their peers.

Make sure what you have to offer your team is on par with your competition.

According to the credit specialists at Credit Capital, a monetary investment can go a long way. “Equipment financing is one way that you could invest in your team by purchasing quality goods, including balls, nets or protective gear. This will give your athletes the tools they need to play the best they can.”

4.   Avoid Punishing Failure

Sports tends to be a rather emotive subject.

It rouses passion, despair, and delight in everyone – sometimes within just a couple of seconds of each other.

In response, coaches may sometimes become carried away by the disappointment of a defeat at the dying minutes of the game or individual lapse in concentration and flying off the hook.

Coaches that adopt this hard-line and authoritarian stance have been shown to have a negative effect on the performance of players.

Always remain positive. Using footage of play and practice as feedback to be encouraging in the eyes of the players and fuel their motivation for constant improvement.

5.   Celebrate the Good Times 

Besides not punishing your players if they fail to get to where they should be, take full advantage whenever things go according to plan.

Show your players how much you appreciate them whenever their endeavours on the pitch come to fruition.

If you constantly challenge your players, and keep them motivated and push them to achieve your goals, they will enjoy it more once they emerge victorious and so will you.

6.   Empower the Team

Great coaching has much to do with belief as well as handing that belief into the players’ hands.

Belief, especially at community levels of sport, can be a barrier for those struggling to push themselves.

Empower the players to take on the responsibility for their own self-development, safe in the knowledge that their coach trusts that they are capable of taking it on.

Avoid micro-managing the team and constantly looking over the shoulders of your players and give them the belief to take control of the success of the entire team.

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Written by: Jasmine Anderson