Soccer Analysis Software – Click On/Off Recording of Vision

Discover the New Changes to Sports Editing Software in SportsClipMaker

We have all had slight struggles with sports editing software. There’s always a barrier to entry whether that be cost, time, or the software simply being difficult to use. But, visual learning through this kind of software really is the key to your team’s future improvement.

However, we’ve recently added a new feature on our sports editing software, SportsClipMaker, that will make both sports editing and analysis easier than ever before. With this feature you can now manually click on and click off your players and actions, making it simpler for you to access your highlights. Watch the video above or read this blog to see how much easier your sports editing will become with this simple to use feature.

What has changed to past match editing software?

In the past, you would have to manually record your players and actions on ‘Setup’ mode. There you would right-click, and manual record by clicking on and clicking off the labelled players and actions onscreen.

We have since moved this feature to the settings. Move back to the ‘Code’ mode and select the ‘settings’ button (…). Here you can play around with the lead and lag of your players or the lead and lag of your actions. By moving both the lead and the lag of a player to ‘0’ you give yourself the capability to record a continuous clip for your selected player until you decide to click off. This can also be done for your actions.

If you have a number other than ‘0’ in either the lead or the lag the clip will play until that number of seconds has played out. Lead being seconds before you click on and lag being seconds after clicking on. You can move these numbers around in the settings at any time you want. Very easy to use and will allow you to get the very best out of our sports editing software.



What makes this change improvement for our software?

Before now it would have been impossible to have your actions in time recording and your players in manually recording (or vice-versa) at the same time. This change allows you to record both aspects however you want and whenever you want. Both players and actions work through manually recording which makes your job analyzing the match much easier. Everything is in the settings tab and extremely straightforward to use.


How to process your sports analysis clips from SportsClipMaker

Once you’ve finished analysing and coding your clips you will want to process them for future use. To process your clips, you want to move from Code mode (where you spend 90% of your time) to Review mode, do so by pressing ‘R’ on your keyboard.

While in Review mode you can select any of your players or actions to select all of the applicable clips (ex. Trent Storer or Centre Bounce). Then press on the ‘Process Clips’ button, the cog on the bottom panel. This will merge all of your selected clips into individual MP4 files, whether you selected all of the clips or just your selected clips.


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Football Analysis Software to Fast Forward Improvement

How to use Football Analysis Software to Fast Forward Your Team’s Improvement


One of the biggest issues facing today’s sporting coaches is getting to grips on how best to coach while adapting to both the competition and the increasing shift toward technology. Not knowing quite what will best benefit your team or best combat your next opposition is always an issue. We’ve all faced that problem, but with my football analysis software, SportsClipMaker, I believe I have found the answer.

As an Australian Rules Football coach in Australia I originally developed the app for my sport. But the software can and does cater for any and all sports.


Why visual teaching is no longer a hindrance to your football coaching

Every single major sporting competition in the world coaches with vision. You see visual analysis on the television, and you see visual analysis online, whenever you check in on your favourite sport. But why has visual coaching not taken off beyond these major competitions?

The three main reasons against visual learning I have heard from other coaches are:

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I can’t afford it.
  3. I’m not tech savvy.

These were all once reasonable excuses against using sports analysis software. Yes, we are all time poor. Yes, some of the football analysis software out there can be expensive. And yes, it isn’t always easy to make that leap into the tech world. But times have changed. Technology has made this kind of software much more accessible. With SportsClipMaker, and these blogs, I can show you how easy and affordable football analysis software has become. And with that knowledge you will have another weapon to coach your team to further success.


Make your match analysis easier than ever before using voiceover on SportsClipMaker

The best feature on SportsClipMaker is the ability to use the inbuilt voiceover function to create a match review over your video. This function is incredibly easy to use and will save you a lot of time when producing your match analysis.

To use the function, make sure you are in Code mode (press ‘C’ on the keyboard) and then find your way to the ‘Record a Voice Over’ button on the bottom panel. The button will then be highlighted in red to indicate that it is active. From there you speak into your mic and give your match analysis of that moment. Once you have finished giving your analysis simply click the ‘Voice Over’ button again and a ‘Match Review’ will appear in the top-right corner of your screen, with the applicable time stamps.

To listen to the ‘Match Review’ ensure that you are still in Code mode and select the Review that you require. Then press ‘P’ on the keyboard and the software will play your voiceover over the clip.

You can use this function to overlay a match review whenever you see a matter of interest that you want to point out to your team. Whether that’s a note of encouragement or some advice that will deliver improvement in the given area. This is a great tool that you and your team will get a lot out of in a short space of time.  And the best part is the easy functionality that allows you to use this sports analysis software at any level of your coaching career.


How to get the most out of your sports analysis software using fast forward and rewind

If you come across a lull in play with nothing specific to analyse you can easily fast forward and rewind your match without lifting your hands from the keyboard. One of the biggest issues facing modern technology, particularly in Australia, is the buffer which makes it a hassle to move through videos smoothly.

SportsClipMaker, however, runs smoothly and makes it very easy for you to get to the interesting parts of your match. If you select the right arrow key on the keyboard the match will move forward five seconds at a time. The opposite happens with the left arrow key which will rewind the match by five seconds in case you want to watch a certain moment again. By selecting the up arrow key your match will advance by thirty seconds and by selecting the down arrow key your match will rewind by thirty seconds. This function allows you as the coach to get to the important parts of your game without any hassle. For more tips on Fast Forwarding and Rewinding during a game, click on this link.


How to spread your match analysis to your team by processing your clips

Once you have finished analysing the game you need to grab your clips from SportsClipMaker and send them to the team. This is incredibly easy to do and makes transferring advice to the team easier than ever before.

Firstly, make sure that you are in Review mode by selecting ‘R’ on the keyboard. That will reveal the ‘Process Clips’ button the bottom panel. Select ‘Process Clips’ and the app will merge all of your clips into one MP4 file. You will be able to access this file at any time.

You can then transfer your match review to your team. Whether that means sending the analysis to the team over Facebook, YouTube, other social media, or simply going through the clips face to face. All of these methods are easily accessible and incredibly cost-effective. The modern generation loves this form of coaching and are easily engaged by visual learning. If you need advice on how to share these clips to Facebook or Youtube click on this link to our previous blogs and videos that outline the process.


Download SportsClipMaker to take your football analysis and coaching to the next level

If you’re interested in one of the most complete Sport Analysis Apps in the world head to to download your 14-day free trial. You won’t regret it. SportsClipMaker has increased the viability of visual coaching tenfold by making visual learning time-effective, cost-effective, and easy to use. Football analysis software has never been better and will really take your team’s improvement to the next level. Good luck on the coaching.

Placing game vision on the computer

Before you begin with the SportsClipMaker to edit and analyse your recent team’s game, you need to prepare and save your mp4 video of your match onto your Windows 10 computer. Positioning your match files in the correct position on your windows 10 computer is vital and will help make the entire process of managing game analysis and cutting important clips from the game for review an easy one.

In this video, we will take you step by step through the process of saving each of your clips in the same folder, named specifically to find easier for later use. This preparation sets up your project before using the video analysis software, to make for a flowing transition, from full, raw game video to loading them directly into the software then to cutting and editing the specific analysed clips.

After placing the mp4 video files from your game in a folder inside videos, you can open the SportsClipMaker to easily transfer them onto the program. If your files are not mp4, no problem — you can visit our site to help you with a direct link to convert them into mp4 form, which works easiest for our sports analysis software. The video takes you through, several times for clarity, step-by-step directions from loading the files properly onto your computer, to taking the clips from the saved files on your computer to placing them directly into the SportsClipMaker for editing and processing.

Placing your game video files in the correct position on your computer is extremely important for a base starting step in the entire process of setting up video analysis software for you and your team. Following the tutorial video in its step-by-step guide and demonstration makes it easy for you to follow along and prepare your game footage to be cut and edited using the SportsClipMaker program.

We hope this video helps you prepare for the game analysis and the process of video editing and cutting using SportsClipMaker.


Uploading Clips to YouTube then Sharing with Facebook Messenger

This YouTube video shows you how to share YouTube video links through Facebook Messenger. This simple and easy-to-use coaching tool will take your team to the next level. As a successful coach, you want to be able to share videos with your players to not only help the individual player improve but the overall team. You can do this through Facebook Messenger which is free and accessible to everyone. SportsClipMaker is a cutting-edge video editing and analysis tool that you can use to your advantage as a successful coach. But, let’s break down how to share videos to help your team win in a few easy steps.

First, go to Facebook Messenger on your web browser by going to Then, search and go to the player’s name and click it. Copy and paste the YouTube video url in the message to the player. Just use the buttons ctrl C to copy and ctrl V to paste. The last easy step is sending the video to the desired player. So, by just using two tabs on your web browser you can send video information to your players in seconds. Another amazing feature is you can simply and quickly share a video with the whole team by following the same process of copying and pasting the url in the message and sending it in the team Messager group.


By using Facebook Messenger and your Youtube account the SportsClipMaker is the sports analysis software that will making sharing video information with your team effective and straightforward. This product will help team improvement and and overall communication so you can help an individual player to be a winner. A coach of a winning team will use the sports coaching tool the Sports Clip Maker to improve, analyze and take their teams and player to the next level.

Here is a tutorial explaining how to upload your processed clips from sports clip maker on YouTube.

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