Why is SportsClipMaker a fraction of the price of any other sports analysis software?

Our aim is for all Amatuer and Semi Professional Coaches in any sport to be able to coach with visual learning.

I am not a tech expert. Is SportsClipMaker easy to use?

SportsClipMaker was designed by coaches not computer experts. Invest 30-60 minutes watching our simple and easy to follow video tutorials and I am sure you will be a video coach expert in no time.

Are any household name Professional Sporting Clubs using SportsClipMaker?

Probably Not. We don’t want any! The Pro’s can spend the big bucks on the software that is difficult to learn. We will keep SportsClipMaker affordable, basic and easy to use.

Does the software work on Mac computers?

No. SportsClipMaker only works with Windows 10 computers. If you have a windows computer then you will be required to upgrade to Windows 10.

I would like to make a call and talk to a somebody about SportsClipMaker. Do you have a number I can call?

No. We do not have a call centre. This enable us to keep SportsClipMaker extremely affordable. We do offer regular online webinars where you can talk to a expert and ask questions.

Do I require a particular video format to use with SportsClipMaker?

MP4 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC is the preferred Video codec. Dont worry. Most video cameras record in this format.

What happen if my video format is not compatible with SportsClipMaker.

Easy. Download a free video converter. We recommend Handbrake or Vidcoder. They are simple to use.

What computer specs do you recommend?

Your computer must be a Windows 10. We recommend an Intel I5 processor, 4GB but preferably 8GB of RAM with a dedicated graphics card.

Where do you buy SportsClipMaker?

SportsClipMaker is a app. It is purchased in the Windows 10 apps stores. Just like you buy apps on your iPhone or Android device. You buy SportsClipMaker in the Windows 10 apps store on your computer.

Will there be a IOS or Android version?

No. Not at this stage.

Do you have a website or platform that I can upload my processed clips to so I can show my players?

No. Not at this stage but we plan to in the future. At the moment in our blogs we show you how to upload the clips to services like Facebook, YouTube and many more. Best thing about this? ITS FREE!!

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