Converting Video Files with Vidcoder

Vidcoder is the free video converter that we recommend. All applications have different properties and this extends to videos as well. Videos have different codecs and audio types. The most common video codec is MP4 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and that is the video file that works best when analyzing your game from the weekend with SportsClipMaker. For a better understanding of how video codec works, let’s take the analogy of languages, people speak thousands of languages but the most common one is English. Similarly, MP4 is the most common codec among videos. Most modern video recorders today will record in MP4 video format.

In order to use a sports video analysis software like SportsClipMaker to analyze your game, your file has to be in an mp4 format. Alternatively, Vidcoder is a free video and easy to use video converter that converts your original video files from the camera into an mp4 format that is compatible with SportsClipMaker. It is a free and safe software which can be easily installed from

After a successful installation of the best free video converter on the internet – Vidcoder, you will see an option in the upper left corner to choose either a video file or a DVD option to convert. You should choose the former option, video files. After choosing that option, select your desired video to convert from the designated file. Once the software is done analyzing and converting, you can choose your preferred destination and file name by clicking on browse.  In doing so make sure your destination and source box fields aren’t empty and go ahead and click on encode. Though the conversion process takes time, the converted version is applicable for SportsClipMaker to analyze.




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