Soccer Analysis Software – Click On/Off Recording of Vision

Discover the New Changes to Sports Editing Software in SportsClipMaker

We have all had slight struggles with sports editing software. There’s always a barrier to entry whether that be cost, time, or the software simply being difficult to use. But, visual learning through this kind of software really is the key to your team’s future improvement.

However, we’ve recently added a new feature on our sports editing software, SportsClipMaker, that will make both sports editing and analysis easier than ever before. With this feature you can now manually click on and click off your players and actions, making it simpler for you to access your highlights. Watch the video above or read this blog to see how much easier your sports editing will become with this simple to use feature.

What has changed to past match editing software?

In the past, you would have to manually record your players and actions on ‘Setup’ mode. There you would right-click, and manual record by clicking on and clicking off the labelled players and actions onscreen.

We have since moved this feature to the settings. Move back to the ‘Code’ mode and select the ‘settings’ button (…). Here you can play around with the lead and lag of your players or the lead and lag of your actions. By moving both the lead and the lag of a player to ‘0’ you give yourself the capability to record a continuous clip for your selected player until you decide to click off. This can also be done for your actions.

If you have a number other than ‘0’ in either the lead or the lag the clip will play until that number of seconds has played out. Lead being seconds before you click on and lag being seconds after clicking on. You can move these numbers around in the settings at any time you want. Very easy to use and will allow you to get the very best out of our sports editing software.



What makes this change improvement for our software?

Before now it would have been impossible to have your actions in time recording and your players in manually recording (or vice-versa) at the same time. This change allows you to record both aspects however you want and whenever you want. Both players and actions work through manually recording which makes your job analyzing the match much easier. Everything is in the settings tab and extremely straightforward to use.


How to process your sports analysis clips from SportsClipMaker

Once you’ve finished analysing and coding your clips you will want to process them for future use. To process your clips, you want to move from Code mode (where you spend 90% of your time) to Review mode, do so by pressing ‘R’ on your keyboard.

While in Review mode you can select any of your players or actions to select all of the applicable clips (ex. Trent Storer or Centre Bounce). Then press on the ‘Process Clips’ button, the cog on the bottom panel. This will merge all of your selected clips into individual MP4 files, whether you selected all of the clips or just your selected clips.


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