Player Reviews

Record a player's involvement during a game and merge into one video file so the player only watches their particular footage of when they were involved in the game.


Using SportClipMaker and intergrating powerhouse platforms like YouTube and Facebook means everyone can now afford to coach like the Pro's.

Voice recording

The ability for the coach to add voice over recording to video clips. Encouraging positives and outlining areas that can be improved in a players game. A great coaching tool.


Record particular team actions to focus on one aspect of play, whether it be penalty kicks or passing the ball.

24/7 Coaching

Email each player their video clips so they can watch on devices like their smartphones, iPads and home computers.

Team Reviews

SportsClipMaker also has a Match Review Button. Excellent for reviewing the whole team's performance. This also has Voice Recording capabilities.

Social sharing

SportsClipMaker has an ability to compress the video bringing about a smaller video size. This makes it quicker to upload to programs like YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox.

How to use videos

Tutorial videos outlining exactly how to use SportsClipMaker and how easy the program is to use.

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